Webstore Opening

It took several years and plenty of false starts but I finally opened the webstore. It is fully functional and has a variety of merchandise, and digital downloads. Stock is ever expanding.
Along with the opening of the webstore I began some various changes around the website including adding a Favicon Faron's Favicon, meta data, site map (xml & html) and a customer survey form.

The Merchandise:

I first added a small collection of royalty free stock photos, but I felt the need to add more things because there wasn't a massive library of stock photos and this was only one aspect I wanted to have in the store.
Then I started adding CGI images, I refered to them as screensavers (largely veause this is what I thought that most people would find a use for (be it on a PC or a cell phone).
But they are not only limited to screensavers and can have commercial uses also as do the stock photos. I also created a series of ringtones for cell phones that can be used in messaging or phone ringers.
They are unique synthesizer recordings processed and mastered and set in a MP3 format. I also  licensed some of my music for comercial use in WAV audio format for movies, video games and such or if someone wants a much higher quality recording than MP3s. And then for those who want MP3s I offered up some MP3 audio. And since I had made my own oil varnishes and siccative oils I offered up a page that sals luthier supplies.

What's next:

I have been checking out to see if I can generate some cool CGI and turn them into waterslide decals for musical instruments, helmets, motorcycles, cars or anywhere someone may want to place a decal.
Quite possibly I will place some full HD videos in the store, some of my handbuilt violins, and some other possibilities.


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