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The Website News

A chronicle of the events and milestones reached around the pages here.
More detailed in depth reports can be found in the blog things here are events in chronological order.
From upcoming recording projects to changes around the website to equipment and software upgrades.
Website news is a window to show the constant quest to deliver a better product.

New CD Hearts In The Shadows released for sale 3-19-2017
Guitar Finished and Featured in Part on New CD
New Guitar Build In Progress
New Song Released Christmas Day 2016 "Us Against The World"
New Song Drop "All Through The Night" 11-24-2016
The New CD "Promise" for sale on the CD Sales page 5-15-2016
New Song "Raising Children" released 5-14-2016
New Song "Your Love Is Mine" released 5-8-2016
New Video released "Dance At Arthur Murray" 5-7-2016
New Song "Dance At Arthur Murray" released 4-30-2016
Video of "Moonlit River" released 4-23-2016
New Song "That Moonlit River" released 4-17-2016
New Song "Open The Music Box Door" released 4-13-16
New Song "Sweet Cherry Wine" released 4-3-2016
"3 New Songs" Listed in MP3 Sales 3-31-16
New Song released "All The Time In The World" 3-27-2016
New song realeased on video "Rock That Body" 3-6-2016
New Song "Home In The Land Of Love" released 1-7-2016
Webpages updated for the New Year 1-1-2016
New Music In The Works 12-19-15
Guitar Project initiated
New Music in the Works
CD Sales page added 11-1-2015
New Blog Post 10-6-15
New Music in MP3 and Wav formats for sell
New Music Released August 9, 2015
New Material being added daily, weekly in Webstore
Webstore is operational now May 2015 (Stock Photos, WAV Audio, Ringtones, Screensavers, MP3 Audio and Luthier Supplies)
Webstore Coming Very Soon (Digital downloads stock photos,Wav Files, Ringtones and more)
New Video Posted April 5, 2015
New Music Released March 29, 2015
New Music Audio and Video Released December 2014
New Music Released June and July 2014
New (Pictures Page) added to Gallery March 1, 2014
New CD out January 1, 2014
Website Logs In 18 Million Hits 12-21-11
More Computer Upgrades 12-21-11
New Blog Started 11-12-11
New Computer Upgrades
Aria Project Entering Back Plate Graduation Phase 8- 20-11
New Music Production Started 8-12-11
New DAW Software Sony Acid Pro7 8-10-11
New DAW Software Sonar X-1 Producer 8-7-11
New Audio Interface TC Electronics Impact Twin 8-1-11
Purfling glued and final scraping started in Aria Project 6-20-11
Purfling being fitted in the Aria Project 6-18-11
Aria Project in the Arching and Purfling Stages
Website Reaches 15 Million 5-26-11
Alyssa Karena sings first song 3-26-11
Setting Up Online Store For Sales
Fiddle Project in Polishing Phase
Luthier Adventures Thread in Blog Section
Website Tops 13 Million Hits 1-23-10
New Fiddle Project in Process
Cerise Noir update added 1-2-11
Site hits 12 Million 11-30-10
Site Goes Over 2.5 Million Hits For October
10 Million Hits Reached 10-19-10
New Forum,Blog and Gallery Started 10-16-10
9 Million Hits reached 10-15-10
Milestone Reached 1.4 Million Hits for September
One Million Hits Reached for month of September 9-24-10
New Music - Lady Sunshine posted in Audio Section 9-18-10
New Sound Upgrade, Marshall JVM 410 with 4x12 B-52 cabinet 9-18-10
Sound Upgrade, Marshall JCM 2000 DSL401 9-5-10
7 Million Hits Reached 9-4-10
Over One Million Hits Reached for the month of August
New Music Production Started in August
6 Million Hits Reached 8-9-10
Over A Quarter Million Hits for the first Ten Days of July
Five Million Hits Reached 7-9-10
New Music Production Started 6-27-10
Midnight Lady posted in Audio Section 6-6-10
New Music Video - Midnight Lady posted in Video Section 6-6-10
963,047 Hits Reached in May
Four Million Hits Reached 5-30-10
815,239 Hits Reached in April
Three Million Hits Reached 4-22-10
Milestone Reached 422,074 hits for the month of March
New Music Production Started 3-21-10
Little Dancin' Girl (remix) posted in Video Section 3-18-10
Two Million Hits since website opened reached in February
Jeez Louise posted in Video Section 1-5-10
I Played The Blues In Texas (almost live) posted in Video Section 12-27-09

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