Studio Upgrades

There is some new music in the works as some that has just been released to the audio page.
I have been upgrading the components of the signal chain in the studio.
I purchased an Allen and Heath ZED 10 FX mixer for doing the line boosts and preamp for the audio interface.
I also shelved the Behringer FCA610 audio interface because of latency issues.
I started using my TC Electronics Twin Impact which now works flawlessly after the driver issues had been addressed by TC Electronics.
The Twin has a pristine sound and more importantly zero latency when monitoring the recording process.
And even though it will not run fully out at 192khz (the monitor features are not available) it will run 96khz without a hitch.
I also have customized several of my microphones and upgraded to an AKG K612 reference headphone set to help with mixing.
Also have add Sony Sound Forge Pro 11 to help with Mastering.
I was using an ART (Applied Research Technology) MPA II Digital for preamp purposes.
And though it did a fairly good job of boosting the signal there was no way of getting a hot signal
and then cutting it back before going into the audio interface (through the balanced input) and on into the DAW.
That is the purpose of the mixer in the control room and the onboard preamps are a class act.
I can always use an external mic pre and run it through the Master section to cut the signal back.
I do have another mixer but that is in another room and is used for "live performance"
and I needed a small mixer to use locally and not have to distance between rooms.
The last few months have taught me a few things about signal chains and working details in the studio.
I hope to apply some of the techniques and produce some quality materials in the next few weeks and months.

I also handbuilt a guitar as is shown in the picture and it wails.
It has a JB Humbucker and a single volume contol.

The handbuilt guitar model called the Love Stone


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