Sound Board Expansion

I got to tweaking around on my Behringer Xenyx 2442FX and found some issues lacking in the effects department.
The onboard effects are very good but limited to the static parameters of the FX channel.
I constantly found myself trying different types of reverb and delay and never could hone in on a killer setting.
I had a dual channel effects processor in my rack that was just sitting there since my upgrade for the guitar rig, so I hooked it into the board.

The TC Electronics M350 can only run two effects at once but both effects are tweakable and you can really dial in a killer sound.
I placed the M350 in the number 3 AUX send and short patched it to the unit in the number 3 stereo AUX returns.
I set the reverb on TC Classic Hall and the delay on Dynamic.
Dynamic Delay responds to the amount of signal being input (sing quietly and very little delay is audible, sing louder and the delay becomes more pronounced).
The reverb I set to just a bit over 12 o'clock pre-delay and set the decay to fall off early at about 10 o'clock, the color I set to 2 o'clock.
The delay is around 120 bpm and the feedback is set to taper off after about two repeats.
I set the reverb/delay mix a tad over 12 o'clock and the wet/dry mix around the 10 o'clock position.
Once this was set I controlled the intensity from the FX knob on the mixing board.
This brought some killer sounds but I had to do some tweaking to the EQ to cover some issues with using the external effects processor.
One was a boominess in the lower register and very audible plosives, the other was a drifting high pitched feedback.
Backing off of the EQ knobs did the trick on this, lowering the high and low frequency several db as well as the sweepable mid.

Sound Rack with mixer, compressor, delay as well as a guitar processor

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