Rig Upgrade
I started to upgrade my guitar rig. I began by changing out the tubes in my amp. I replaced the stock Marshall ECC83 (which is actually a Chinese Shugang 12AX7) witha Tube Store Prefered Series 7025.
This is a tube that supposedly mimics a NOS Mullard (not sure about that) but it is a good responsive tube and it made my Marshall show it's best qualities.
The Shugang/ Marshall tubes were fairly good tubes themselves and unsuspecting people buying GT and Ruby tubes are actually buying re-labeled Shugangs.
Anyhow the preamp tubes were just a start as for as the guitar rig upgrades went.
Next I wanted to upgrade my effects rack.
I had been running a dual channel TC Electronics 350 using a slight delay on one channel and reverb on the other.
But I wanted to improve without any of the modeling stuff (I had the amp).
So I sprung for a TC Electronics G Major II and a Tech 21 Midi Mouse footswitch.
I still only use a slight delay and reverb but the sound quality is up many notches.
I do have some other programs such as hamonizer and octave pitch shifts, but these will mainly be utilized in studio work.
But the basic live sound is far and above what I was churning out with the dual channel.
TC Electronics G Major II guitar processor

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