PreSonus Studio 3 Upgrade Debate
I have been debating on getting the Studio One 3 Professional upgrade for awhile now.
They say if something isn't broke don't fix it and I have had great results from the 2.6, and it was these constant upgrades that drove me away from Sonar.
I had Sonar 6, 8.5, X-1 and X-2 and at about the same time Gibson bought Cakewalk/Sonar I searched for a new DAW.
But the upgrades in Sonar were not needed and were not beneficial to my production.
PreSonus had a format that was conductive to my production and allowed me to complete projects and improve the final material quickly without extensive fiddling.
There is one feature in SO3 that interests me though is the scratch pad with the ability to arrange whole sections of songs into a new entity by drag and drop.
But there again I do not write and produce in that manner so it would be a unused feature like all the MIDI production stuff in Sonar.
MIDI is great and a useful tool in any production, but don't build a complete DAW around MIDI.
Those of us who come from the old school analog recording techniques of micing and performing on a instrument do not gain from all the features of a MIDI driven DAW.
PreSonus makes an excellent DAW and the 2.6 currently get's my nod as my DAW of choice.
Until further establishment of a need for upgrade (other than being the shiny new kid on the block) I will stick with Studio One 2.6 Professional.
PreSono Studio One 3 Professional DAW


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