New Studio Upgrade

I was interested in upping the ante on my ability to get a good vocal track to my DAW setup.
I have upped the computer (Windows 64bit, 8GB Ram, i5 processor), audio interface (TC Electronic Impact Twin) as well as stepped up to Sonar X-1 Producer (DAW).

I have a good collection of mics but mics are subjective and I'm always looking for a mic that fits my vocals better.
This is what set me in search of another tube mic this time one with multiple polar patterns. One factor was the cost, as mics of this nature carry a stiff price.
Another factor and probably the most important was the sound. I wanted crisp highs and air as well as good tones in the lower registers.
Was there such a mic that didn't have the cost of the vintage multi thousand Dollar mics. Well I ran across this mic, it looked sharp and had multi polar pattern capability.
So then surely this would carry the stiff price of the equally equipped mics. But no, this thing was in the affordable range......right at $500.
So then how about the sound, of all the clips I've heard this mic produce were some quality recordings.
In fact many well known people have used these in recording sessions and some of those recordings have won Grammys.

That's some pretty good credentials.
Bright red Avantone CV-12 tube mic

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