New Sound Gear

I had been using a Audio Technica Pro 61 hypercardoid dynamic mic to capture my guitar cabinet sounds. And I was was getting some fair results.
The Sennheiser e609 I had bought would never get the results I was looking for (it was always thin sounding and hollow).
The Pro 61 seemed to eliminate most of that and I was using it off axis pointed in the general direction of the dust cap.
But I had checked many of the reviews for the Shure SM57 which no studio or live venue is without one.
I knew they were cheap enough usually around or below $100, so I got interested in purchasing one just to see if I could improve the live mix a bit.
When I first plugged it in, I placed it on the mic clip that I had the Pro 61 on and left it off axis and pointed towards the dust cap.
I wasn't too impressed the sound wasn't quite right so I began to tweak the EQ. At first I made the same mistake of everyone while doing EQ (start raisng all the parameters 'til it's used all the headroom).
Then I used some of the experience I had with using less (less is more) and arriving at a balanced sound by cutting rather than boosting.
I got a fairly good sound but it lacked something, so I started moving the mic placement.
Once I left the off axis and moved the mic towards the edge of the speaker (about an inch or so from the edge) it hit a sweet spot.
And the magic of mountains of recorded music came pouring out of my guitar cabinet,
I immediately recognized the many hours of recorded history laid on tracks with this microphone.
Shure SM57 the studio workhorse

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