My New Axe

After setting up my Stratocaster, installing some DiMarzio Area pickups in all 3 positions, I moved on to my Kramer.
It is a Striker 424 that someone had did some mods on previously (which I didn't like). I pulled the Mighty Mite pickups that were in it as well as the stock dual rail.
I placed some Golden Age overwounds in the neck and bridge as well as a DiMarzio Virtual Solo in the mid.
This gave perfect balance to the pickups as I also replaced the pots with CTS 500k
audio and linear taper volume and tone controls.
It was good but I was interested in obtaining another guitar and I had shopped around a bit before purchasing a used Ibanez RG350DX.
It played very well off the shelf but I knew I could make it play even better.
So I went to work, I purchased a set of Super Slinky strings (.009-.042) and strung it up.
Then I set the neck relief around .010" and the action about .047".
I then refloated the Edge III tremelo and set the intonation with a strobe tuner.
I found one spot on the neck were there was some spot issues with bending notes in the double "A" octave range.
I took a little polishing paper to the frets and it disappeared.
Now it's a bona fide rock your socks off guitar.

My new Ibanez RG350DX


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