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I've been upgrading many pieces of equipment to improve my recordings. I've added a new DAW system and so I needed a means of getting the sound to the new set up. I wanted to improve the digital conversion as well as obtain more I/O. I was already using 24bit/96hz recording so I was hesitant to embark on a new equipment purchase. But I got interested in the TC Electronics Twin Impact, several reasons...... one being the price.
Another is the Near Field Editor where you can edit settings right from your computer screen.
Here are some basics....

The Impact Twin from tc electronic is a state of the art audio interface featuring 2 microphone preamps that utilize the company's Impact III technology. Three stages of processing include a high quality and very flexible microphone preamp, superior 24-bit/192kHz high definition conversion, plus a set of recording Channel Tools that lets you shape and optimize your sound.

The microphone preamp accepts the finest vintage tube microphones, the most demanding low-budget condensers, or even a handheld dynamic. And having 2 preamps provides maximum flexibility, whether recording an instrument, line source, or a microphone with or without phantom power.

The Impact Twin's convertors let you select your conversion rate - all the way from 44.1kHz, right up to high definition 192kHz for the ultimate in pristine audio capture, while maintaining the essential transients of the source. The included Channel Tools go even further to optimize your sound, with an onboard EQ, compressor and de-esser, that quickly and simply tame and enhance those signals, no matter what you're recording.

Audio interface featuring built-in preamps, 24-bit/192kHz converters and recording tools
2 microphone preamps featuring IMPACT III technology
2 front-panel mounted Hi-Z guitar optimized inputs
Total of 14 inputs and 14 outputs (4 analog, 10 digital I/O) provide the flexibility to record and monitor many devices
Built-in Channel Tools allow you to quickly and easily optimize the tone of your recordings
Access the crucial compressor setting directly from Impact Twin's front panel - a light ring instantly shows gain reduction
Direct Monitor Reverb provides a simple way to add reverb at the monitor stage so that singers can enjoy quality reverb through their headphones
Bundled with pristine TC effects processing - the M40 reverb is based on an algorithm from the Reverb 4000 processor. The multipurpose ResFilter provides ultra-fat filter sound. The Assimilator EQ curve assimilation tool lets you quickly grab an EQ curve from any sound and apply it to your own
iCheck (Integrity Check) feature provides a shortcut for revealing data reduction artifacts, essential when encoding files to lossy formats such as MP3 or AAC
Built-in JetPLL jitter reduction technology ensures superb audio quality all the way though the device
Included FireWire 800 adapter means you can connect the Impact Twin to just about any FireWire equipped computer
Software guitar tuner helps maintain perfect pitch
Sturdy design lets you take the interface anywhere, any time
Includes Ableton Live Lite 8 TC Electronic Edition software
And here are some of the images :
Roland Quad Capture Audio Interface

And the Near Field View :

Near Field view inside the interface

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