Music Production
I have been churning out a series of new music for several months. At one point I was producing two and three a week and even though In have slowed sonewhat the inspiration is still rolling.
I have upgraded many of the production signal chain and had a few setbacks such as a recent preamp purchase.
I bought a Golden Age Project PRE73 Jr. which was a good preamp but it went dead after one recording session. Something in the output fizzled.
So I set it aside and continued on with production from the stock interface preamps. I rasied the DAW to PreSonus Studio One 3 Professional.
Although there was not a vast jump from 2.6 it still was an upgrade. I also bought the iZotope Production Suite which I snagged on sale at a good price.
It is a little resource heavy to use in the DAW as the main production tools. But it can be used in portions and makes a great entry in
mastering in Sound Forge. I found that although the tools are good in the package I have already got a working chain with Waves and PSP that is much
more resource friendly than the iZotope counterparts but I can pick and choose to get the best production at minimum resource taxing. I am looking to upgrade the audio interface
not that there is a lacking in the TC Impact Twin but I am always looking to improve the signal chain and have eyed a few units that hold promise.
At least the in specs on paper, but after taking a hit on external pres I am a bit skitish about quality.
GAP Pre 73 Jr.