IEEE 1394

I found out that my new computer was lacking a Firewire Port even though it was advertized as such. So I quickly bought one to place in one of the free expansion slots I had on the new computer.
I installed the PCIe Firewire card and it was recognized by Windows, and loaded the drivers. Which was what I wanted it to do, I then loaded the 64bit drivers for my TC Impact Twin interface.
Thinking everything was going to work properly, I did no tests of the setup. A couple of days ago, I tried to turn on my interface and open some projects in my DAW.
Well the projects opened but there was no sound coming through the headphones. I began to investigate and I could see the meters jumping so I knew something was going through the system.
I began to tweak the settings and stuff. I noticed that the signal on the Nearfield Panel wasn't constant. I moved the buffer settings and turned the interface on and off in different sequences (some interfaces
are a bit weird that way). Anyhow I got a little bit of sound but it would play in spurts, not smooth and constant and a bit of low quality. I first thought there had to be something wrong with my interface.
And then I recalled not having tested it after the 64bit conversion or the 1394 install.
I did a search online and found that some firewire audio interfaces require that the firewire card have a TI (Texas Instruments) chipset in it.
So I went to the website for the card and found that they use a Jmicron chip. So I searched for another firewire card that had the TI chip, I found one and ordered it.
In the meantime I went to the TC Electronics site and after a search of recommended cards found that they recommend the TI or the VIA chipset in whatever 1394 card is installed.
I think I found my culprit, I also had a couple of Blue Screens while trying to make the card work.
While I'm was waiting on my card I did some searches of some other people to see if they experienced some of the same.
Well there was a whole lot that had and there seems to be some question about the quality of the 64bit drivers.
I know they worked well with the 32bit drivers because I had it up and running on my other computer before it crashed.
As soon as I get the other card installed I will check the performance and see if the issues have gone away.
That is the problem with audio interfaces, there is not always compatibility between components.
Well if worse comes to worse I can always go to some known compatible hardware.

Update: 1-3-12

I installed the new Firewire card with the TI chipset.
It took a fairly long time for Windows to install the driver, but once it was installed it worked like a charm.
The 64bit drivers of the TC worked to perfection in some simple test.
I will test it's limits later when I develop a full project on the system.

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