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Hearts In The Shadows CD     CD Inner Sleeve  Back Sleeve
 Hearts In The Shadows
(new CD) 14 new songs Blues Rock, Rock and Country (These are not MP3 versions but 16 bit 44.1khz CD's)
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      Price: $12.25   free shipping!

Promise CD         Promise Cd Backcover    


13 new songs

Price: $12.25   free shipping!


I Love You CD cover blue sea and surreal objects
I Love You

           Faron Collins The Video Collection        10 Full HD Videos
A collection of new songs written and recorded
between 2014 and 2015.
11 New songs: Fall in Love/New Tomorrow/Sweet Love
California on my Mind/Today/I Love You/Young and Reckless
Rock and Roll Crazy Dreams/New Girl in Town
It All Came True/A Love Song for You
Free Shipping

Price: $7.95

Video Collection Videos: Promise Me This/Fall In Love/
Home In The Land Of Love/Raising Children/
Dance At Arthur Murray/Tha Moonlit River/
Soulmates/Sweet Love/A Better Man/
Young And Reckless

Free Shipping

Price DVD: $13.25

Free Shipping
Price Blu Ray: $20.10
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