CD Sales Open for Business

CD Sales page added to the webstore. This is something I had started out to accomplish all along. I currently have only one full length CD of new material up for sale though I may add a second.

I Love You CD Blue sea with surreal objects

This is my second full length CD since I migrated to digital from analog recordings. The material in this CD is mostly rock oriented and the production
is constantly improving. There are 11 songs on this package:
Fall In Love- Is a blues/rock ballad
Rock and Roll Crazy Dreams-an all out rocker
California on my Mind-another rocker
Today- is a blues/rock vehicle
I Love You-is a rocking love song
New Girl in Town- still rocking
Young and Reckless- a power rock song
Sweet Love-another rocking love song
It All Came True- a snappy rock tune
New Tomorrow-a hard edged blues/rock song
A Love Song for You-another rocking love song
Most of these tracks were laid down in PreSonus Studio One Pro which improved the production values over the Sonar stuff.
Not that the Sonar isn't a good program things just get done in PreSonus and there is not a lot complex manipulation to get the track out.
I also bulit a microphone that brought a much needed improvement to the vocals and is featured on several tracks.
There were several different recording techniques used on this CD from micing guitar cabinets to simulation software amps.
The advent of the Vintage Warmer from PSP helped send final production polish up a few notches.
I also learned that dialing back the processing smetimes makes for a better end product as each process can either add or take away from the quality.
All in all given the tools I had to work with this is a good CD, as an artist there is always room to grow and this is no exception.
But as I begin my third full length digital endeavor the improvements I brought with the first two will keep going as the songs progress.
Check out the CD and enjoy
                                                                              -Faron Collins


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