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The blog posts

Unlike the website news things listed here go into more detail
and have pictures and content relevant to situations and projects surrounding my daily operations.
Pages are updated from time to time to reflect any major changes or new projects.
A lot of material deal with new music and video projects as well as gear upgrades.
The pages as well as the production are constantly evolving and expanding.

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From the hyperlinks below you can access my blog

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New Things Coming
Last CD Report

Marshall JV
M410H Tube Bias
Rock Lord: New Guitar Build

Music Production

PreSonus Studio One 3 Debate
CD Sales Now Open
Webstore Opening
Waiting for Spring
Studio Upgrades 2014
Aria Violin Project
New Music Project

Sound Board Expansion

New Axe

Rig Upgrade

New Sound Gear

2nd DAW Upgrade

Another New Interface

New Studio Upgrade

IEEE 1394

New Audio Interface

New Camera
Video Software Upgrade

New Audio Effects Processor

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