Another New Interface

I just received a new microphone that I was running through some tests to upgrade my studio vocal chain.
I had plugged my Avantone CV-12 into my TC Electronics Impact Twin,
and made a couple of tests recordings to get a feel for the mic and the interface as I hadn't tested the mic pres on the interface as of yet.
The mic was very hot and I had to to reduce the sens levels to keep from blowing out the meters.
I was starting to get a handle on the mic as well as the interface and I saved my tracks and stopped for a bit.
In the meantime the chuckleheads at Microsoft decided to send me some updates.
These supposed security updates knocked out my card reader and I couldn't load pictures into my computer.
But after I uninstalled it and let Windows install the drivers it began to work properly again.
But things went South when I tried to do some more tests of the mics and interface.
I turned on the interface (usually it gives twoo aknowledgement sounds and the two more and it is set to go).
This time only one sound and very slow to get that.......... and then Blue Screen.
I tried to uninstall the firewire card and see if it would correct itself like the card reader.
No luck the update from Microsoft had destroyed the codecs in the 64bit drivers of the TC.
I had heard that the drivers were a bit suspect in the TC, but it was working great until the Microsoft intervention.
I yanked the firewire card out of my computer disgusted with the whole thing.
And I went in search of a more stable audio interface.
I had been loooking at the Octa Capture by Roland but it was much more than I wanted to spend at the moment,
(especially since I had just flopped $400 on the TC and hadn't got nothing but trouble).
So the Quad Capture was very much less but essentially the same build with less Mic inputs.
I usually record one track at a time and build it up.
The Roland is supposed to be much more stable,
(I've owned some Roland interfaces before so I know they have some good codecs in their drivers and they also are the matching unit of Cakewalk Sonar.
So Here's the skinny....

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